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Jak Saward
Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United Kingdom
One huge write-up about me is coming soon. If you care.


Sticky the Stickman Intro by Sonicyay2
Sticky the Stickman Intro
So with the recent announcment of StS becoming a web series, I made an intro!
Then Flash crashed.
And I lost everything.
Sonicyay2 History - I WANT A TSHIRT by Sonicyay2
Sonicyay2 History - I WANT A TSHIRT
Back when I made ads for ROBLOX.
it was ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
That Guy artwork by Sonicyay2
That Guy artwork
Ideas for better names would be much more appreciated.
Even after Ace, I STILL wanted more characters, but I wanted the 6th one to be more different than the others. So I made him entirely different by giving him permanent O_O eyeballs, a front smile, some hair and a nose. Also, he might be an alien.
Because he can float.
(i swear this is the last one im sorry for spamming your messages :c)
Ace artwork by Sonicyay2
Ace artwork
This is the worst rendition of his glasses so far, no doubt.
The idea for him was a mix of wanting more than 4 characters and Red from Dick Figures.
I chose Ace as his name because it was a cool name and Slick the Stickman probably wasn't as good.
Samuel Artwork by Sonicyay2
Samuel Artwork
Luckily, none of the other stickmen are racist, so he's fine.
He originally appeared in a skit called "That Yellow-Play-on-Worder" which I made in Center Parcs long ago.
It was horrible.
He was meant to still be the yellow play on worder he was back in the day, but then I realized "Wait.......It'll be hard for him to crack a pun 24/7. TIME TO THINK OF A WAY TO MAKE HIM NOT BE STICKY #2!"
no seriously right now hes basically sticky #2
Don't know what Riddle Transfer 2, or Riddle Transfer in general is? Riddle Transfer is a series created by JonBro (now known as Jonochrome), which is a sequel to Riddle School created by the same person. Riddle Transfer 1 was released back in June 2011, but in July 2012 Riddle Transfer 2 was cancelled, and JonBro denied anybody from doing any kind of continuation.
Until January 21st 2015.
Where JonBro returned to Newgrounds to announce - RIDDLE TRANSFER CONTINUATIONS ARE NOW HAPPENING!
And I'm making what I consider the official unofficial game continuation of it. NOW HAVE SOME QUESTIONS!
What is the story?
To quote from JonBro's discarded plans news post, "Diz will be recaptured by Zone 5.1 (which is actually an independent organization not related to the government at all, and that was a common misconception fans had about it because I never made it clear). The new game will involve playing as Diz, and it will start by getting out of a prison cell much like in RT1."
I won't reveal anything he said in there because of possible spoilers of the game, but if you wish to see, then so be it.
Will you also do Riddle Transfer 3, 4 and 5?
The plan is yes, but I'm not entirely sure. It'll all depend on the reception of Riddle Transfer 2. Why? I dunno I just want to make sure people know there's a Riddle Transfer 2 out there. shrug
Why you?
because i always wanted to see riddle transfer continued okay shuddup
Will there be any Sticky the Stickman/Flumpty Bumpty references?
How will it be designed, exactly?
I will make the game look as much as an official continuation from JonBro as possible. This means i will have to use files from the original riddle transfer im so sorry jonbro i love you :c
That isn't a question.
What makes a monkey doll (what happens when you beat Riddle School 3 Twice) Scary?
Will anybody originally working on the Riddle Transfer/School series help with this?
So far, no, but if anybody would like to help, shoot me up a message! I'll be happy to have help!
When will it be released?
Considering my lazy schedule and the fact Sticky the Stickman is still not released, there will most likely be a late 2015/2016 release. I dunno.
k thx bye
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